Absolutely love! The texture is incredibly luxurious with the whipped formula gliding effortlessly over my skin. This scrub has quickly become a favorite skincare routine, leaving me feeling pampered and smelling delicious! Highly recommend giving your skin some love with this peachy treat!

Sarah M.KISS MY PEACH🍑 Whipped Sugar Scrub

Ok I just wanted to say, your scrubs are so amazing they got rid of my dry dead skin around the sides of my ankle area that I have been fighting for a while now. I have tried Lush scrubs, Aveeno, and other local scrubs. None of them helped and I often got allergic reactions and eczema flare ups from them. They would make my skin more sensitive and red. Your scrubs got rid of it completely and made it smooth after just a couple of weeks. ✨ I am super impressed.

Valeriana O.HORCHATA🥛 Whipped Sugar Scrub

My right hand was very dry and nothing was working. I also had some other areas as well. I am pleased to say it's all cleared up. Could I get a barrel of this please? Love the smell too, very addicting! Thank you for healing me!

Robyn W.HORCHATA🥛 Whipped Shea Butter

Love the lemongrass face/body scrub so much. Leaves my skin nice and soft and even lifted the dark spots on my underarms. It’s definitely has become a staple in my skin care routine.

Sabrina F.LEMONGRASS🌼 Whipped Sugar Scrub

I use this every time I shower, and before I shave and not only do I not breakout with my sensitive skin, but I also smell like a million bucks!! I love the smell of sweet cinnamon and this is it! Thank you ❤️

Sofia B.HORCHATA🥛 Whipped Sugar Scrub